Tum Tum’s

A simple, colourful, healthy, tasty, quality, create-your-own, crowd pleasing, eat-while-standing, pick-at-your-leisure, all-you-can-eat catering option at the location of your choice for a 2 hour period.

Tum Tum's is available on Australia's East Coast between Port Macquarie NSW up to The Sunshine Coast QLD, including Coffs Harbour NSW, Yamba NSW, Byron Bay NSW, Gold Coast QLD, Brisbane QLD and everything in between.

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Tum Tum's Taco Bar

An open / all-you-can-eat taco & nacho bar for your private event!


20160810-TumTumsTacos(Rice,Bracket) Saffron Rice Pilaff with Toasted Almond, Baby Peas & Coriander

  Chicken & Chorizo Beans
Mushroom, Zucchini, Corn Beans (Vegan)
Saffron Rice Pilaff with Almond Flakes, Peas & Coriander (vegan)
Warmed Flour Tortillas & Gluten Free Corn Chips
Charred Corn Salsa (Vegan)
Roast Capsicum Salsa (Vegan)
Avocado Salsa (Mild)
  Also includes: Grated Cheese, Dry Slaw, Shredded Lettuce, Sour Cream, Lime Wedges, Jalapenós & Byron Bay Chilli Sauce Varieties


  • 41-60 Adults: $29 per head
  • 20-40 Adults: $32 per head
  • Children 12 & under: Half price with accompanying adult per child

Pre-booking info..

  • Tum Tum’s Taco Bar is typically set up, prepared & operated by Tim (Tum Tum), so can only cater for groups of 20 – 60 people.
  • The bar features options for every diet (meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free & lactose free), so there are no alterations to the included bar items.
  • Tum Tum’s Taco Bar operates during daylight hours only (for safety, lighting & other reasons), so the 2 hour open bar period must finish at sunset (approx 5.30pm or 6.30pm Daylight Savings Time) at the latest.


To confirm your booking a 50% non-refundable deposit will secure Tum Tum’s Taco Bar for your event. The remaining to be paid on event day.


Access to your desired location is important as Tum Tum works from a mobile kitchen to prepare food items and sets up a separate 3×3 market sized gazebo for the actual bar, where guests create their dishes. A short distance between the kitchen & bar is desired.. Please keep this in mind for choosing an appropriate location.. Maybe we could arrange a meet up, so Tim can check out the location beforehand? Tum Tum's comes complete and doesn’t require water or electricity supplies, which is great for remote locations.. Maybe a local park set up would suffice, if your original location isn’t easily accessible?
Contact Tim now and secure the best catering option available for your guests!
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